A Business

Building on a Solid Foundation

Four generations servicing the transport industry since 1925. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Mittman Carriers is a financially solid company operating primarily with company owned equipment.


Mittman Carriers leadership team brings experience, innovation, and a level of service you can depend on. Our team has the capacity to translate vision into reality.

The Future

Through continual reinvestment in the business and the formation of strategic relationships, Mittman Carriers distinguishes itself as a leader in providing service, clear communication, and on time deliveries.

One Big Family

Here at Mittman Carriers we are like one big family. Not only do we care about each other like family, but we also care about our customers in the same fashion.

How many bosses do you know that'll go outside in 40C humidex heat, to BBQ for the whole office wearing flip-flops?

June 20th 2012 BBQ

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

We do our part to help support our community. Individually and as a company we are involved with several charities & non-profit orginizations. Eg: Race a Bed, Animal Rescues, Woman's Shelter, Austistic Adults, and more.

Race a bed